Our Vision

Imagine a world where all children grow up to be whatever their hearts’ desire…a teacher, a nurse, a doctor, a lawyer, the next president of the United States…and now imagine one of those children makes the next big discovery to change the world as we know it. However, that child will never be able to share the discovery because childhood cancer took them from this universe far too soon.

Torie Costa touched so many lives in her short time here on earth. We will never know what she may have been or what she would have done if she just had the chance; childhood cancer took that away from her. The vision of Torie Costa Foundation is to give every child the chance to be whatever he or she wants to be…even if it is to just grow up and be a parent.

Some types of childhood cancers, such as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), have a survival rate of almost 90%. However, there are still too many types that have a 0% survival rate. There are 16 major types and over 100 subtypes of childhood cancer. In our opinion, 1 type is too many!

The Torie Costa Foundation’s mission is to eliminate childhood cancer, altogether. We are committed to raising funds to help find a cure for the more rare childhood cancers, such as Rhabdomyosarcoma, giving every child the chance to live life to their fullest potential. We invite you to be part of the cure!